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Holiday Greatest Needs

Essential equipment needs replacing very soon so our teams can continue to provide excellent life-saving care.

Dr. Robert Black in the OR

Surgical Equipment Needs

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Tower and Video Screen $35,000

Helps anesthetists safely control a patient’s airway, oxygen levels and breathing during surgery.

Nasopharyngeal Scope $6,750 | Ureteroscope $10,995 | Cystoscope $12,160 | Cable (to operate the scopes) $525

Lets surgeons see healthy organs  during large surgeries that remove cancer, sick organs or blockages in the  body.

Light Source $17,500

Offers surgeons the best  lighting so they can be as precise as possible during surgery.

Lateral Telescope $4,750

Helps surgeons see inside the body and zoom in when a closer look is needed for safety during surgery.

Electric Modular Handpiece Set $14,571

Lets surgeons drill safely and accurately during surgery in the mouth.

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Emergency and Integrated Stroke Unit Teams could use your help too!

Wheelchair (10) $3,610 - Funded!

Essential for safely moving patients with mobility issues around the hospital.

Zoom Stretcher $24,000

Allows nurses to safely and comfortably transport patients around the hospital, like when they need an X-Ray  or surgery.

Eye Exam Chair $18,500

Keeps patients comfortable during eye exams, dental procedures or ear, nose and throat exams (care teams get the  most use out of multifunctional items).

Portable Patient Monitors (2) $18,000

Displays vital signs so nurses can track a patient without needing them stuck in a room or on a bed.

Bedside Table (10) $5,160 - Funded!

Provides safe surface for patients to call family, watch a video, play cards and enjoy meals.

Your gift will show our teams – who are working hard in the hospital right now – that you are there with them, just like they have been there for you and your loved ones, friends and neighbours.  

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