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Holiday Greatest Needs

Help support essential equipment used in the Operating Room and Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD)!

Dr. Paul Collins in the OR

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Click here to read a heartfelt letter from general surgeon, Dr. Paul Collins, addressed to our community this holiday season.

Surgical Equipment Needs

Neptune (2) and Neptune Docking Station $42,500

Provides surgeons with the tools they need to visualize the operative site.

Fluid Warmers (2) $6,242

Help maintain the patient's body temperature during longer surgeries.

Sonosite Ultrasound Machine $65,000

Allows our anesthesiologists to see joints and veins to administer pain relief effectively.

Lobster Retractor $21,354

Helps surgeons with viewing the operative site.

Rhinolaryngoscopes $7,500

A device used to examine the nose and throat.

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The Medical Device Reprocessing Department could use your help too!

Drawered Carts $4,800

Provides high density storage to keep instruments organized while making efficient use of limited space.

Instrument Wash Accessories for Cart Washer $14,000

A specialty cart that allows instruments to be efficiently cleaned and disinfected in our existing cart washer.

Aesculap Containers $7,000

A sterilization containment device used to hold medical devices for sterilization, storage and transportation.

Sterrad NX100 $15,000

Allows sterilization of highly technical or heat sensitive medical devices.

Your gift will show our teams – who are working hard in the hospital right now – that you are there with them, just like they have been there for you and your family, friends and neighbours.  

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