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STEGH Needs YOUR Help!

10 IV pumps in the ICU & OR need to be replaced ASAP!

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After years of high use throughout the pandemic we need to replace IV pumps in both the ICU and OR as soon as possible to maintain the excellent standard of care we provide this community.

IV pumps are vital to the care of you and your loved ones. These machines are the fastest way to deliver fluids and medicine – and speed is essential when a person is in pain or having intense symptoms of their injury or illness.

Your gift will also help patients like Sarah, who recently had double jaw surgery at STEGH. An IV pump delivered essential anesthesia during her procedure. Click here to read Sarah's story.

For nurses and doctors, these new pumps offer pre-programmed medicine dosages, automatically update patient charts and more effectively identify which medication is going through each IV line – lowering the risk of errors.

 For patients, the new IV pumps are quieter, and the display dims at night for better quality of sleep. They can also be locked so visitors cannot accidentally change the settings.

 We hope you are pumped to give today!

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