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Sunflowers for Hope

Supporting Chemotherapy at STEGH

Sunflower Field

There is no denying the beauty of bright, yellow sunflowers and their ability to bring about joy and happiness. For local farmer Jay Curtis, sunflowers represent hope. Hope for chemotherapy patients to recover and be well again.

A few years ago, Jay was diagnosed with prostate cancer and went through treatment and recovery. He’s also had close friends fight their own battles with cancer.

Last year, he worked with St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH) Foundation to encourage the public to visit his sunflower fields, take some fantastic photos, and donate in support of Chemotherapy at STEGH. Jay ended up raising close to $19,000!

We are pleased to announce that Jay has planted a sunflower field once again this year in support of our Chemotherapy Unit.

Jay invites you to visit his sunflower farm to see the sunflowers when in full bloom (from now until early-mid August) and support this important cause now or when you visit!

"Last year and this year, we are focused on supporting everything our local Chemotherapy Unit does! Sunflowers to us represent one of the most cheerful and positive things in life and are a wonderful thing to lift spirits. The goal is for people to come see the sunflowers when flowering begins! Donations can be made to support the care of others in our community!"
-Jay Curtis

Come Visit the Sunflower Field! 44305 Mapleton Line, St. Thomas.

Photo Contest: When sharing your photo on social media, use the hashtag #SunflowerPower to enter our photo contest for your chance to win some great prizes.

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