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Transforming Tomorrow

More care, closer to home. It’s time.

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At St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital, our healthcare teams are committed to delivering outstanding patient experiences and quality care – and generous donors like you make it happen, every day...

Now, we have the opportunity to bridge gaps and reduce healthcare disparity by acquiring state-of-the art technology, renovating the hospital and upgrading essential equipment. And you can help.

Investment in the highest level of diagnostic imaging has finally been approved by the province. But government funding only takes us so far.

That’s why we’ve launched the $8 million Transforming Tomorrow diagnostic imaging campaign – so the latest in MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technology and related care can be available around the next corner, not in the next city over.

The time is now, be part of our community's healthcare transformation - give today.

This campaign will support the cornerstone project: the purchase and installation of an MRI machine. Not only will your support bring MRI to the community, but it will also allow the enhancement and expansion of the entire diagnostic imaging suite, making improvements to CT, nuclear medicine, x-ray, and ultrasound.

“With the addition of magnetic resonance, STEGH’s imaging department will be elevated to regional-hospital-level capabilities, which will ensure patients won’t need to travel beyond Elgin County to access state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services.”

- Dr. Walt Romano, Department Chief, Diagnostic Imaging, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital

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MRI complements other types of imaging by expanding the information available to physicians so they can make a more definitive diagnosis and determine the best course of treatment. That’s transformative diagnostic technology and care in action, right here at home.

Because it’s about far more than technology. It’s about patients and families and:

  • enhancing health outcomes
  • reducing the need to travel outside our community for MRI scans
  • providing quicker diagnosis, enabling patients to access treatment faster and
    improving recoveries
  • improving stroke outcomes and reducing the length of stay at STEGH
  • broadening the range of services available closer to home for STEGH patients


  • attracting and retaining highly skilled medical professionals, keeping STEGH a leading
    provider of healthcare services
“We have a magic box of high-tech equipment we use to safely assess what’s taking place inside a patient. We typically start with an x-ray, ultrasound, and CT. For complex cases where a more complete picture is needed, we have to turn to an MRI.”

- Yolanda Mundt, Manager, Diagnostic Imaging and Cardiorespiratory Services, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital

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You know it’s time for more care. You can help make an MRI machine available to a loved one, a neighbour, a colleague or anyone in the community who may come to need it.

By making a gift to support transformative technology at STEGH, you will bring MRI technology and enhanced diagnostic imaging to STEGH, providing doctors, nurses and staff with the latest tools to deliver outstanding care to our family members, friends and neighbours. 

The time is now. You can be part of our community’s healthcare transformation and help bring MRI to our community!

Today, you can make that possible.

For more information, please contact:

The STEGH Foundation at 519.631.2030 ext. 2246


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