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A Donation is a Gift that Keeps Giving

Jerry Galbraith gives to help ensure other patients can access the outstanding care he was fortunate to experience.

Jerry Galbraith

When Jerry Galbraith looks back on why he gives to support STEGH, it seems like the most obvious thing in the world. He reflects on the long history that he and his family have with the community’s hospital. “I was born at the hospital and so were my sister and brother. My parents each went through their own treatments there. Sadly, my father also passed away at the hospital,” he remembers. 

Further to those big life milestones, Jerry also can’t help but call back to his own need for care close to home, “I’ve had my own experience of staying in hospital for an extended period of time.” Long hospital stays aren’t something people tend to look back on with affection but Jerry, because he was treated so well, begs to differ, “I can say that I was treated incredibly well. So well that I wasn’t all that anxious to leave, in fact!”

When a patient isn’t anxious to leave, we know the care is outstanding. Jerry continues to share his experience today including his respect and admiration for the nursing team, “the nurses were all so amazing.” He doesn’t stop with the nurses though, he remembers and speaks so highly about the entire facility and care team: “It really is an excellent hospital.”

All of this is why Jerry is monthly donor. He says, “I give because I know that anything you can give to STEGH really is building the future of this community. I’m giving to help those who come after me. Whatever we can each give, it’s just going to make our hospital even better.”

- Jerry Galbraith, Monthly Donor

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