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No more shame. No more stigma. No more silence!

Picture of male breast cancer survivor Brian Lynch and Dr. Dave Bottoni.

Yes, men can get breast cancer too and we need to support them through education, awareness and understanding.

(LtoR) Picture of Brian Lynch and Dr. Dave Bottoni

Hi, my name is Brian Lynch and I am a very fortunate male breast cancer survivor! In 2021, I created the Bottoni Project to help Canadian men understand that we have breasts too and are therefore at risk for this very rare form of breast cancer found in men. The Bottoni Project is intended to help derail the shame, stigma, and the silence that prevents men from a healthy social and emotional recovery from male breast cancer.

This failing is often rooted in the lack of awareness, attention and understanding of this disease within our healthcare system, the corporate sector, and in communities across our country. Our introduction of the blue and pink male breast cancer ribbon will help give this disease its own identity and can be used to promote the awareness of male breast cancer for men everywhere.

Lastly, the Bottoni Project will help raise money for the MRI fund at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital's Diagnostic Imaging Department. Men who are affected by male breast cancer will be just one of the many patient groups in our community who will benefit from this technology in the future and will receive the very best medical care possible, close to home.

Hi, I am Dr. Dave Bottoni! I had the opportunity to meet Brian once he had already been diagnosed with invasive breast carcinoma. I can recall the consultation vividly. We had discussion about treatment options, prognosis, and long term follow up. Despite the obvious, however, perhaps the most salient focus of the encounter was “YES, MEN CAN GET BREAST CANCER TOO.”

Once Brian had successfully navigated his treatment, he was able to reflect on the general lack of awareness about the rare condition. Over subsequent visits, his interest in this venture evolved into a passion—a passion for educating both patients and clinicians, and for putting male breast cancer "on the radar".

Brian subsequently approached me about the opportunity to participate in this project. I immediately reflected on my previous encounters with male breast cancer patients. Invariability they were shocked at how ‘they, a man, could get breast cancer.’ I was both humbled and honoured when Brian told me the name of the project.

Breast cancer in men is rare. Breast cancer in men is real. Breast cancer in men is treatable. It must be recognized first. That is what the focus of this initiative is about.

Watch: Brian shares his story.


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