Born at STEGH is a special way to honour babies and children at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital.

Born at STEGH offers you the opportunity to have your child's name on a custom heart bubble, while at the same time making a meaningful donation in support of the Women & Children’s Unit. 

Along with your bubble, a certificate is mailed to your home as a keepsake along with a photo emailed to you once the bubble has been added to the Born at STEGH wall.

The intention of Born at STEGH is to celebrate babies delivered at STEGH, past and present. This means if you had an incredible patient experience in the Women & Children’s Unit prior to the launch of this initiative in April 2023, you are still more than welcome to purchase a bubble and add your child’s name to Born at STEGH.

There is also the option to have a bubble purchased to memorialize the loss of a child, with wings added to the bubble. These bubbles soar high up in the sky in memory of babies who have passed on.

Born at STEGH wall on 3rd Floor Women & Children's Unit

Donation amount information:

Small Bubble (2.5 in): Minimum donation of $100

Medium Bubble (3.5 in): Minimum donation of $250

Large Bubble (4.5 in): Minimum donation of $500

Honour a baby born at STEGH

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STEGH Foundation

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