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Puppies and Kittens, Oh My!

You helped bring Frisco to Anne! She adores Frisco, and her daughter Mary Ann can rest easy knowing Frisco is there for Anne when she cannot be.

Two women with cat.

You are providing comfort to patients in the Continuing Care Centre (CCC).

Abbey, Amie and Dawn thank you for bringing Scooter the puppy and two kittens (yet to be named) to help patients in the CCC!

Your gifts helped purchase four life-like companion pet dolls for patients who are finding the separation from loved ones and their homes especially difficult while in hospital.

David Simpson, Manager of Complex Care and Rehabilitation says that, “companion pets are designed to bring comfort, enhance meaningful connections, calm and soothe the patient through companionship and provide fun.” The pets often help patients become more settled in the unit and they fully engage in the care of their pet. David adds that, “many of our patients had pets at home and enjoy their company and caring for them.”

- Thank you from all staff, patients and families who can now access these companion pets because of your support!

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